About Us

Experience is what makes Competition Environmental standout.

Competition was started in 1997 when the need for land spreading was a relatively new way of disposing of drilling fluids.

Over the years their technology has set the standard in the industry .They have evolved into the biggest private environmental fleet in Saskatchewan.

With a proven management team, top notch experienced drivers and the latest in COR certified equipment, Competition Environmental has a proven track record of high quality work with minimal impact to the infrastructure and environment.

Reliable, fast, always safe and environmentally sound, Competition offers a complete line of environmental services.

Our Management Team

Dennis Day | Owner

Dennis originally started the company when he and his dad saw a change coming in the oil business on how to get rid of all drilling fluids . Competition was one of the first companies to address the change in the environmental attitude in the patch and has grown into one of the biggest environmental companies in Saskatchewan.

Email: dday@competitionenvironmental.com

Charlie Bayliss | General Manager

Charlie was born and raised in Carnduff. Charlie has an extensive business background and was first introduced into the environmental business as Vac Truck Driver. His experience and track record led him onto the management team where he is now part owner and General Manager.

Email: cbayliss@competitionenvironmental.com

Phone: (306) 482-7897

Greg “Henry” Wang | Operations Manager

A resident of Pierson Manitoba. Henry has spent all of his adult life in the patch in one form or another. He started out as a roughneck and graduated to Derrick hand. Henry is now part owner and Operations Manger of Competition

Email: gwang@competitionenvironmental.com

Phone: (306) 485-7833

Jason Hollinger | Safety & Accounting Management

Jason got his start in the Environmental business testing mud. Jason is the jack of all trades in the company , the glue that keeps everything together.He is in charge of all safety and accounting issues.

Email: jhollinger@competitionenvironmental.com

Phone: (306) 482-7770